"people who give you their food give you their heart." -Caesar Chavez


Dulcinea chocolate is made with three pieces of equipment, two ingredients, and one pair of hands. It’s a process that continues to feel like a sacred dance between science, art, and activism.


You can learn the science behind chocolate in books, from mentors, and in the trial and error of hands on experience. But it’s the art of craft chocolate that makes way for activism. Here we find a new approach to an age-old favorite treat. Through the art of the craft we challenge the status quo of how chocolate is made, how ingredients are sourced, and how ethically the cacao is farmed. The art of the bean-to-bar movement places cacao farmers in the foreground, elevating them and their beautiful beans - just as it should be.

Chocolate is an ancient, spiritual food that allows us to explore the flavors of a region through farmers’ and chocolate makers’ perspectives. Because, like any fine wine, cheese, or coffee, the flavors within cacao are influenced by the people who tend to it, as well as the environment in which it grows.

Dulcinea Craft Chocolate is an organic, micro-batch chocolate company located in Beaver, Pennsylvania, just outside of Pittsburgh. The chocolate we make here is a celebration of the diverse nature of cacao, and people alike.


Bringing our chocolate full circle by sharing it at the origin is an amazing and satisfying feeling.